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City of love

A visit to the old town of Rab offers a variety of offers. With all types of sights worth seeing many shops can also be found.

A beautiful old town charms with its narrow streets, walls, impressive churches and ancient palaces. Four towers in the town of Rab from afar offer impressive views. Stone palaces, monasteries and churches, as well as the red roofs, narrow streets and shady forest Komrčar reveal the medieval atmosphere of this extraordinary city. Renaissance facade host a well-stocked pharmacy and palaces, and with a very simple style church of St. Anthony of Padua, they are among the main attractions of the town of Rab. The town of Rab has about 1,600 inhabitants.

Strolling through the cobbled streets can be very warm. Offered is a walk through the beautiful park Komrčar under dense pine trees. The park Komrčar is the green lung of the city, and there in the hottest days you can find refreshment. In a few minute walk you will see Discotheques, a summer theatre, casino, shops, market, post office, banks, exchange offices, tourist offices, kiosks, doctors, pharmacy, ambulance, taxi and bus station, the beach, old town, sports fields, playgrounds, wellness spas, old port the town of Rab, excursion boats, marinas, and berths with lift facility.


Rab has traces of history from the 2nd century BC. The Romans built a fort here which was later extended to the city with palaces, forums, theatre and water supply. During the migration period, the city was destroyed with the migration of tribes, and again destroyed in the 15th century - when the city was ravaged by the plague. Since 1889, Rab has been a famous health resort in Europe. In 1936 the first nudist beach in Croatia was opened on the island, from where enthusiasm spread for nudists to other parts of Croatia.