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Appartements-Rab - Supetarska Draga


Small single-family house is located within walking distance (50 m) from the sea and offers its guests for many years’ experience of a beautiful holiday of the romantic Mediterranean atmosphere of Croatian islands.




In the east of the island of Rab, in a romantic bay salt extends a place called "Supetarska Draga". It inhabits about 1100 residents, is located about 7 km from the town of Rab, and is especially valued for its naturally protected position, which is the reason the ACY marina is located here for mooring boats and yachts. The residents Supetarska Draga combine a modern way with a traditional Mediterranean way of life, which is felt in the tourist offer. With guests who have been regularly returning to their hosts for many years, each year more and more new guests arrive and this place stays in their heart.


There are beautiful clean beaches, and especially the sandy beaches of the small islands Maman, Šailovac and Srednjak are ideal for relaxation. In Supetarska Draga there are the remains of the Benedictine monastery and a Romanesque church from the 11th century. The geographical location of the deep bay is a prestigious position that offers perfect protection for small boats and yachts in all weather conditions. Beautiful beaches can be discovered also on the green peninsula Gonar, which includes settlements Dumići, Donja Draga and Gonar. For swimming you can find numerous sand and pebble beaches that can be found in various bays.

Three islands Maman, Šailovac and Sridnjak with its beaches are one of the most romantic places on the island. Accessible only by boat, they will bring you the Robinson spirit. Who wants and has the stamina and can walk to reach hidden places and beaches. A fantastic place to rest, relax and enjoy. Directly in front of the house is the ACY Marina and the yard offers a beautiful view of the marina, which is open all year round. The marina offers a number of berths for boats, has a very good infrastructure, cranes, slip, service station, supermarket and restaurant.


A monastery was founded in Supetarska Draga in 1059 which was abandoned in the 16th century. Along the remains of the Monastery there is the three-nave Church of St. Peter (Sanctus Petrus in Valle) which also indicates the great importance of the former Monastery and after which the bay was named. Without exaggeration, the Romanesque basilica can be called an artistic, cultural and historical treasure. It is the oldest Benedictine abbey on the island, and the architecture has special features. The central nave of the basilica is almost twice as high as the two ships on the side which experts recognize as a late antique model. Historical findings located in Supetarska Draga can also be found at sea. The mill in Supetarska Draga is the only mill preserved on the island, and in it you can see the original parts from the Middle Ages. The mill - water mill which supplied precious drinking water to Rab long ago, and access to Mill is also from the sea.